South Carolina Yoga Retreat

South Carolina Yoga Retreat

August 2014:
Choose from three weeks!
August 10 – 15
August 17 – 22
August 24 – 29 (Yin Yoga Immersion Week! Click here for details.)

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Join Dragonfly Yoga Retreats as we head to the shores of South Carolina, one of the best beaches on the East Coast. We’ve designed this retreat to not only expand your yoga practice, but to give you a chance to simply relax. During this retreat, we will be enjoying the pool, the screened porch with ocean views and the peaceful serenity of our 3-bedroom beach house, which is just steps from the ocean. Our itinerary will include specialized yoga classes, such as hip opening and Vinyasa classes, balancing poses in the sand, and yoga in the pool. There will also be optional boat trips and paddle board classes and plenty of time to spend on the beach reading a book or exploring nearby Charleston. All meals and drinks will be served at the beach house, allowing you more time to unwind. The islands off South Carolina are truly a relaxing setting — it is the perfect place in which to escape!

2013 Retreat Itinerary (2014 Itinerary coming soon.)

Optional Activities
Additional cost to be determined by the amount of participants.

Paddle Boarding:
“It looks like so much fun!” We know you’ve thought it! So lets go do it! Join us as we belly up to the boards instead of the bars! Once you get the hang of it, you can even try your yoga poses on the board.

Boat Tour & Cook Out:
This will be our adventure into the deep blue sea! We will be hiring a local charter to take us to a local barrier island where we will relax, practice a few yoga poses and eat! Picnic lunch options will be available.

Dinner in Charleston:
With the historic and beautiful city of Charleston being so close, we must spend an evening there! We’ll travel as a group to enjoy one of the best restaurants in the city. Past restaurants have included Slightly North Of Broad and Poogan’s Porch.